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Ok. So let’s please just remember that games need to be fun. And I know that is subjective, so I’m sure my opinion that Mind’s Desire adds zero dimension of game play to Vintage isn’t shared by everyone.

But who are those people who wish to play Solitaire with an opponent? I imagine the goldfishing is interesting but is it twice as interesting as a regular game of Magic? Because I would imagine playing against 4x Desire would be painful, so I’m guessing the net fun had by players wouldn’t go up.

Change my mind.

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R/G, a fine color combination. What’s pulling you towards this? OP specifically mentioned Null Rod aggro. The only noteworthy synergy I can think of with R/G is Spirit Guide acceleration.

Is that the direction you’re taking this? It would be helpful to know if so (so that the suggestions can be tailored to synergise with Guides, or compensate for the inherent card disadvantage you suffer) or if not (so that other suggestions can be made).

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This isn’t good. When you use it to nab a threat you are further falling victim to the fundamental conceit of 1-1 discard (it violates one of the soft rules of Magic, answers should cost less than threats), and when you use it to proactively disable countermagic/answers you are unlikely to be able to double-spell that turn to take advantage. Especially since you need two on-color mana which is much worse than 1C.

Thoughtseize isn’t played much now because it’s kind of pointless against Shops (two different types of tempo loss in a matchup where you can’t afford it) and so it kind of makes sense to just play the more matchup-specific cards like Pyroblast. Thoughtseize remains a decent card in matchups where tempo loss is maybe less important (like on either side of the Storm-vs-anything matchup) but you still can’t afford this card.

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When I pick up the cards, I kind of just wanna have fun. Build sweet decks, make insane plays (there are so many of them).

For all the faults of WotC they basically understand what a fun experience is (even if they more than occasionally miss the mark at how to create it). So I’m ok with them continuing to manage the BR list.

Dredge needs dealing with. It’s become an impediment to fun gameplay.

I’d be sad if we banned things. It’s fun coming to this format and brewing with things.

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How in Hades did this thread go from “unban Shahrazad” to “ban this that and all the other things” 🙂

Jk, Brian 🙂 I will say though that the last truly banworthy card (Yawgmoth’s Will) eventually became largely irrelevant. It took a decade of printings though. And life is short.

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I look forward to Smennen’s kids digging up this thread in 20 years and tracing it as the origin of why Bazaar was restricted.

Generally agree with Brian’s points. I continue to hold the opinion that in some form Dredge is necessary for Vintage so that players don’t just get to play Slaver with 15 free SB cards and call that “skill”. But even this is too much.

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Do you still have this power and if so can you use it to do some real good? (Eg unban Shahrazad)


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Awesome drck of the week, and this episode (43 minutes through) is so far excellent

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This was excellent the first time and will be getting a second listen.