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  1. 8 or 9 rounds for Vintage main event

  2. If you play all the rounds out I would expect to finish between 8 and 930pm.

  3. For a first timer, I would recommend talking with and meeting as many new people as possible!

@Prospero @iamfishman This is the best event of the year after NYSE and TMD open

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@the_gremlin_lord Aesthetics are a big part of the format (hence the restrictions regarding artwork and borders), and for quite a few people the aesthetics and overall sweetness of the deck outweighs functionality. Photo decklists enhance this aspect.

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@colbey81 by the time you factor in the gas and hassle of driving, the flight isn't all that much of a difference

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I would recommend blanking a foil, either by using acetone to just take off the ink (blank shiny canvass) or peeling off the foil layer entirely (blank white canvass, my preference). Using thin sharpie markers you can then write on the text and approximate the art. I think this gives the clearest presentation, and even if you aren't amazing at art, the older iconic stuff you will be copying has simpler images that are so well known that even a passing resemblance should allow an opponent to clearly identify the card.

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I think drain is way too much for legacy, but who knows

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@poxeveryturn Ashes is a worse version of cage. Dredge is not an activated ability it's a replacement effect

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@kingleovold Hitting shop itself is equivalent to hitting shop and sphere. I don't know how many taxing effects the deck can tolerate with only 1 workshop. Ravager is so heavily creature based that you could probably still run 4 thorns, but ancient tomb damage stacks up quick. White eldrazi may wind up being the better deck at that point

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@brass-man somewhere between 0 and .00000001%

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@chronatog Berserk and Show and Tell are not on the reserved list.

And while it is true that wizards doesnt manage the secondary market and are not generally responsible for the prices there, they could be liable for losses incurred through reprinting, because of the promise that they made.