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Works really well in conjunction with Fastbond and Lotus Cobra. Lotus cobra also allows you to hit the 4 colors necessary for it. It does kill almost all relevant PW's/Dudes used in vintage. Could be interesting. Sidenote, it also is an elemental, which maybe advantageous in some of the elemental decks I believe you, Chubby, have tried before.

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Aggro shops? But why when you can gain SO MUCH life off of Paradoxical Outcome? It even makes all your Ornithopters, Phyrexian Zero Drops, and Memnites a win condition in case you don't storm out.

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Ha now my Mishra taps for 4 mana!

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@Thewhitedragon69 this doesn't effect opponent. It is not a wheel/twister efx

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I wonder if a Candelabra of Tawnos is good in this list, or just win more? Being able to untap Bazaars, and Academy, bounce with PO, and repeat the process seems very very strong, especially if your return those Daredevils each time to chuck back with multiple bazaar activations.

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What about dual lands with the clause "you may not search your library for land cards". This would allow an additonal set of Duals at the cost of not being able to run fetches.

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Yeah, to be realistic this card would have to have the same text as Lotus Vale or Scorched Ruins, having to sacrifice 1 land, etb tapped, and then it might be a okay. Might.

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Cruel Bargain and Nefarious Contract get you there a lot faster. Maybe I just like drawing cards too much 😂

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I would play Unearth over Reanimate as the 1 life loss to reanimate the Shadow is less relevant than being able to cycle unearth when it's not needed, and they both cost 1 mana. Also, this is just preference, but I like having Dark Rituals and the BBB draw 4 lose half your life spells over some of your loss of life tutors.

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Well, the idea is to get Fastbond out asap, and then something like Treasure Hunt to drop 10 lands, then Limited Resources, and lock the opponent out of playing lands. Competitive? Meh. Fun, definitely. So with the idea of a Bant style list Lavinia could definitely fit the bill. I will work on a list or 2 over the next few nights, and try some games on cockatrice. Once I have a list that's halfway decent, I'll post it, and we can all work from there. Thanks everyone so far for all the idea's!