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I want to build a Gideon of the Trials + all of the bad red timewalks deck. Other than those cards, what shell should I use? I was thinking some sort of Jeskai mentor type list that gives up longevity for way more burst since mentor synergizes so well with time walk and pact of negation + force is a lot of countermagic to land gideon and friends.

I know the deck will be shit but what any recommendations?

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So I need help optimizing my Oath deck on MTGO. The main problem is I have no money and I need to oath into Hippo related cards. Do you guys have any tips for the deck? This is my decklist right now:

Thanks fam. Gl Hf

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I imagine links to regular Twitch streamers of Vintage and links to YouTube channels with Vintage content could be useful for new players. I know some websites that have Twitch links can even show if the streamer is online currently.