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I think you don't want 4x of 2 duals, i think you want a couple duals and some fetches? A blue dual too, because of your cantrips.

Chalice is definitely missing.

Damping Sphere only hurts shops when it's down very early.

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@john-cox They mean a 0/1 Drop of Honey selects itself as the lowest power creature. Which is different than Enchantment Drop of Honey which only blows itself up if there are no creatures.

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@tittliewinks22 I see you are playing Dig even if not Cruise, just can't cast 2 delve spells?

Tendrils does seem sweet but i haven't even a little bit tried it. I'm not sure i know how to Gifts into a pile for Storm, but i did play Paradoxical the last few months.

Sol Ring does seem a great upgrade.

Did you ever try Noxious Revival? I dropped it and it helped me realize it wasn't that good because i started building better piles. Doesn't make me like it less though, heh, so still curious if you had a go with it or not.

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@tittliewinks22 What does Manamorphose do in a deck like this? I don't play Modern at all but i see it in UR storm and thought it was only for storm count.

No Treasure Cruise? How are you liking Regrowth?

My build is like yours but i'm tinkering with a few things. I've got the same setup for being able to Gifts into Tinker Time Walk or into Key Vault, but i'm toying with a 5c goodstuff build that also plays Dack/Thief, Leovold, Kess, and Mentor, but it's very busy.

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@serracollector said in Discard spells:

I do love the new Black stp for Artifacts and Eldrazi tho.

To what do you refer?

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@drstreetmention If you don't pay the rest of the ability (sac/pay), your searched up artifact goes to the graveyard before seeing play.

It's a UU Entomb for artifacts if you want.

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I'm firing up a Vintage league over the month of October locally, allowing proxies. About 7 solid so far up to maybe 12 depending on the next few days. We might do round robin, which sounds like a ton of matches, but this actually allows us to play at leisure over the month; each participant meets with each other whenever they can arrange that between the 2 of them, which isn't so hard given nearly every player is a regular attendee at one or more weekly events at our most popular local store.

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@drstreetmention Leovold comes to mind. I played 4c control at EW last year with Dack/Thief shell (no tinkerbot and keyvault packages so i don't want to call it thieves, heh)

Thank you!

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@tittliewinks22 Yes, duh. I missed that. For sure, +3 Yawg cards to play with, unlike Snap which, if it stays in play, cannot be used to flash something back a second time. Thanks for reminding me, i will definitely be picking up a copy.

Have you been playing Snap at all? How many copies each?

And if you have a list, i would love to see it.

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@drstreetmention Unrelated sorry, but what was the 5c Thieves like? I haven't heard of a list but if you know it exists and can point it out i would appreciate it.