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Just started listening to this podcast, this was my second episode and I thought it was terrific. Very insightful and helpful.

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Hi all, my name is Tom. I live in central VA and I'm a very new Vintage player, just started playing my first games with a friend and plenty of proxies (after listening to podcasts and reading articles for years). Hoping to get better and learn.

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I started testing this tonight in DPS and it seems pretty good, although its susceptibility to Sorcerous Spyglass and Revoker type effects is a thing.

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My list isn’t too exciting, I just cut a couple Dark Petitions for Talismans to see what would happen. I left one DP in because just thinking about it I feel like Wishclaw Talisman is conditionally better and conditionally worse. After playing with it I still think that. Playing and activating Talisman on the same turn (for 3) seems solidly worse than DP. I think the real value would be in running out Talisman early and then activating it a bit later, but that opens you up to interaction.

Not sure what I’ll change for the next time around. I went 3-2 in a league with it.