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My list isn’t too exciting, I just cut a couple Dark Petitions for Talismans to see what would happen. I left one DP in because just thinking about it I feel like Wishclaw Talisman is conditionally better and conditionally worse. After playing with it I still think that. Playing and activating Talisman on the same turn (for 3) seems solidly worse than DP. I think the real value would be in running out Talisman early and then activating it a bit later, but that opens you up to interaction.

Not sure what I’ll change for the next time around. I went 3-2 in a league with it.

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I started testing this tonight in DPS and it seems pretty good, although its susceptibility to Sorcerous Spyglass and Revoker type effects is a thing.

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Thanks everyone for all these wonderful replies and ideas. In particular I didn’t perceive the importance of therapy, but it now comes together in my mind.

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So, I mostly play DPS, and historically I have not dedicated much/any sideboard space to dredge, instead trying to just win faster.

New pitch dredge lists scare me, and I think I want to run Tormod’s crypt in an event tomorrow, but I don’t really have experience making decisions about when to bust crypt against dredge.

Does anyone have any good heuristics or tips about choosing when to nail dredge opponents graveyards?


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Another excellent episode, keep it up!

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Thanks for the many insights everyone. It's been very helpful. I think I've landed on an SB configuration I'm happy with (at least to begin with) but I do have a follow up questions: is it worth bringing Hurkyl's against PO?

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I just bought into MTGO with my favorite Vintage deck, DPS. I've built a list that I like for the maindeck, but since I've mainly played in proxied paper with a small number of opponents, I am a little unsure of sideboarding. I have a couple of questions, if there any experienced pilots who have insight I'd appreciate it.

  1. I see a lot of Mindbreak Trap in sideboards. When exactly do you want to bring in this card? Against Xerox? Against PO?

  2. I've played against a couple of decks, including hatebears/humans, where I wanted to kill Thalias and Lovinias. I see Collective Brutality, Karakas and Fatal Push in SBs, presumably for these matchups (and Chain of Vapor also does work here). I sort of like the idea of killing multiple things at once... is the CMC a dealbreaker on Toxic Deluge?

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I know Dark Petition Storm is a little out of favor at the moment, but I still like it. I'm not sure what to replace the probes with in this deck. More discard seems excessive since many lists are already running as many as 6 Duress effects.

I feel like you might want something that's better against shops? But on the other hand are you now more likely to include slower more reactive blue decks such that you want to strip their hand more?

I'm wondering about adding another Chain of Vapor, maybe a second copy of Hurkyll's Recall since these can be proactive against sphere effects and also help build storm. Or maybe as was mentioned you could add Misstep, but it's so dead against shops/eldrazi.

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@Topical_Island Wow, it took me a long time to come back to this. That said, I came back to it in order to see if I had missed an answer to this questions, and boy had I.

Thinking about Mishra's Factory as blocker helps me understand this deck, and simply reading this drew my attention to the low number of times you'd really be tapping the Orchard in most situations.

I like the synergies between Oath and Factory, too. Attacking with manlands from behind an Oath even without Standstill seems good in some matchups.

So not drawing Standstill with this deck you feel OK about, but don't you feel pretty bad when not drawing Oath? Once Standstill is down both Orchard and Oath are bad draws, right? How aggressively are you mulling to find Oath?

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Amazing episode as always, I devoured it quickly and I'm excited for the new set review.

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Hi all.

I'm a very new vintage player, at this point just proxying decks to play with friends. I was listening to So Many Insane Plays and a deck was mentioned that was Landstill but with Oath of Druids mixed in (referred to as Oathstill).

This deck is really fascinating to me, and I've browsed through a list, but I can't get over how un-synergistic Forbidden Orchard seems to be with the Landstill strategy. It's just hard for me to imagine it all hanging together in the face of that interaction.

Are there any here who have played with or against the deck who would be willing to explain how it plays out in reality, and how the deck plays around giving the opponent spell-free creatures?

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Hi all, my name is Tom. I live in central VA and I'm a very new Vintage player, just started playing my first games with a friend and plenty of proxies (after listening to podcasts and reading articles for years). Hoping to get better and learn.

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Just started listening to this podcast, this was my second episode and I thought it was terrific. Very insightful and helpful.