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UW Lavinia Eldrazi has recently been supplanting straight White Eldrazi. Does anyone here have experience playing with/against Lavinia Eldrazi? I’m curious how castable Lavinia and sideboard Energy Flux have been for people - does 4 Adarkar Wastes get the job done, or are some Tundras necessary? And does Lavinia bring enough to the table to justify making our already-shaky manabase even worse?

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Per the title, how many copies of a given token do you bring when you're playing a token generator?

I'm building a Pyromancer deck. Historically, I've brought 1 token and marked it with dice. I'm wondering, though: should I try to bring enough tokens to have actual copies for each one? And if so, how many should I plan on having with me?

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To quickly expand on what @thecravenone posted: Houston has Vintage every 3-4 weeks hosted by the Lhurgoyfs. Austin has a series called Romancing The Stones that meets every ~6 weeks. Both are 100% proxy.

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The crew met up last night and mapped out our calendar for the first half of 2019. Sharing it here for folks who plan in advance! Venues TBD, but here are the dates:

March 30th
May 4th
June 8th

(Sorry for the big gap between our last event and the next one, but SXSW is going to consume one of our TO's lives for the next 6 weeks. Texans desparate for some Vintage action are, of course, encouraged to attend our Houston brethren's events in the meantime.)

Edit: 4/27 changed to 5/4 to avoid prerelease weekend.

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Just listened - great episode! Thanks everyone.

Edit: nevermind, hadn't gotten to the onion part. Y'all are wrong and this cast is terrible.

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Thanks for posting this @thecravenone! Next time, boycott the NFL and come play Vintage with us.

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@Thewhitedragon69 I mean, you missed Top 4 on breakers - nothing to be ashamed of there. Considering the last time you Top 4'd one of our events you were on BW Depths, you're developing quite the reputation as a successful brewer.

@evouga Great meeting you this weekend! I learned that Library vs Jace + Sylvan is not a winning battle.

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@evouga Yep! We're pretty much set on that structure, unless we see a drastic uptick or downtick in attendance. Cutting to Top 8 would be nice, but that extra round reallllly adds a lot of time to the event, which our venues don't always love.

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Cheers @Khahan - hope you can make it! We should be hammering out dates for our next few events soon, so I'll share those here once we have them. Tentatively, I'd expect late March (after SXSW) and either late April or early May.

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This season, we decided we're doing away with playmats for 1st place - if there's one thing Magic players don't need, it's more playmats. Instead, we're awarding Austin-themed proxies for 1st! This Saturday's winner takes home every Texan's favorite grocery store: