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@john-cox said in Oath:

I'd really like to try an oath list with no artifact mana and a dack/cantrip engine. Does that seem worth doing?

How are you playing a T1 oath without artifact mana? IMHO if you're not trying for the T1 oath then theirs no point playing the deck.

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@hierarchnoble First time I've seen Gummi Bears discussed in a mtg commentary.

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Hmmm hopefully no double land plays, dodgy pile shuffles or peculiar foil sideboarding incidents on camera

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There's a sweet stone blade style deck with spell quellers that 5-0d. Will be giving that a test run later.

Also hatebears 5-0d for the win as well, but I don't own canopies, elspeths or katakis so won't be giving that a spin anytime soon 😞

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I'm aware of the info stated in that article. Nowhere does it say its automated and not done by a human.

My MTGO monkey statement still is possible.

Some MTGO monkey could easily do a filter search of decks with 10 differences and then they themselves randomly choose them (or not so randomly). It's not as if there are 100's of 5-0s daily forcing automation.

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@desolutionist I wouldn't try anything in a 70%+ field of mentor and shops.

As of now since B&R update over 4 leagues some of the decks I have played are 3 oath, 1 belcher, what I guess was a vintage adaption of UR delver, some sort of opposition deck and that mono white 8 thalia hatebears deck. I haven't played against any of those in dailies on the last 2 months.

To me people are trying new things or recycling old ideas.

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Some MTGO dev monkey not familiar with vintage probably chose the 5/6 lists to get posted, probably just thought it was just another tendrils deck

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What were you expecting? People are naturally going to play safer decks in a new unknown meta. This is literally the first competitive anything under the new B&R changes so I wasn't expecting anything mindblowingly new.