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"Memnarch or the vedalken salvage most of the large machines, leaving us only scraps. Scraps are enough."

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Thank you for posting the results.

Doomsday list?

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@smmenen it is now, lol
Seriously though. Lion's eye diamond is obviously a Burning wish Tendrils card.

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Congrats to Jaco!
Great to see @Brass-Man turning critters sideways in vintage. Should’ve packed Man-o-war for that BSC though.
Great to watch everyone, as always! Thank you.

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How would Ad Nauseam look nowadays?
I’ve pretty much just added back GitProbe and added a Collective brutality and Necro in place of the 3 Mental Missteps since it’s restriction, but could this list benefit from Thassa’s Oracle?

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Would flash be good enough in doomsday with Thassa’s Oracle?

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How did this turn out?

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Omen of the sea seems better that this and I still prefer search for azcanta over both. Then again, I’m looking at it from the long term control and advantage. Omen will definitely fit nicely in pauper.

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These are like the other limited sets they release. Nothing new. Just moving away from Hasbro site. Which tells me something bigger is happening behind the curtains with the business? Maybe?

Now, if they had a site like channel fireball or star city games, that would be an issue.

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How was the tournament?