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"Memnarch or the vedalken salvage most of the large machines, leaving us only scraps. Scraps are enough."

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The pre-cons I enjoyed the most, and always recommend, were the Urza block With themes like Enchantments that “woke up” when something was cast, or cycling, reanimator, EhrnamGeddon, mono-Black discard, to u/w control. They had it all. ( a bit pricey now and sometimes difficult to find the more affordable opened decks)

Over the years they were less interesting and they discontinued the tournament packs, which were GREAT, but the worst had to be the intro decks. I believe started with Shards and ended in Lorwyn block.
Anything prior to that is decent. Only problem is they aren’t cheap and, like mentioned in an earlier comment, you’re better off just getting jumpstart..
Unless you really want the nostalgia 😁

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@thewhitedragon69 yeah, the cmc is still 3.
And doesnt exile. Huge difference.

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I really like her in a Keeper style build.

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@brianpk80 said in [M21] Angelic Ascension:

I think the best home would be in Oath of Druids which is uniquely soft to planeswalkers compared to decks that can run creatures. That's where I would run Beast Within, which serves so many purposes. By and large, I'd consider this card in upgrade in that slot.

Honestly, Oath is what made me give this card a second look.
The fact that it’s 2cmc and not 3cmc like BW makes a difference. At least in my list.

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At the very least this should take Night’s whisper slot in PO. Plays well with Bolas’s Citadel also.

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I don’t know if this is better than sadistic sacrament. The upside of this is you get to look and possibly hit their hand but sacrament hits any card. What to do?

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Not costed aggressively enough. At 3cmc, it would be playable. This is not.

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@dshin make for a healthy format, it does not.
Making narrow hatebear companions would be worse than just banning Lurrus as a companion. Dont forget, Companions are pretty much an extra card in hand from the start and you dont lose it in mulligans; OP.

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My question at this point is if Lurrus is problematic or is the cat just showing up because there is little to no drawback running him as a companion?
Kind of like yawgwill if you’re running black, FoW if you run blue etc, etc.
Maybe it’s just the flavor of this season?