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"Memnarch or the vedalken salvage most of the large machines, leaving us only scraps. Scraps are enough."

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Reminds me of Christmas Beatings from back in the days. A shift in a more disruptive creature suite over strictly burn, could work out better? I think not having access to 4 Chalice of the void hurts in that respect but still worth a try.

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Is this Soly?

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@cuikui said in Best way to brew a deck:

@rat3de To cast Crop Rotation you have to sac a land, when it get MM it's a 2 for 1. When Death's Shadow is counter it's a 1 for 1.

Technically, MM a DS is still 2 for 1 since they used a mana source to cast DS.

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Great job on the new look and formating. Reminds me of the oldTMD but better.

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Seriously, Magic players are in general entitled complainers, just like gamers and any other major geek culture right now, but the Vintage crowd being like this is surprising to me. It's been growing for the past few years, but man, all I ever hear is people complaining, even now when the format is completely balanced people manage to complain about the meta AND about a deck that isn't even part of it. This is boring.

I feel the same.

To think that after all the printings, rules changes, the scrye rule and restrictions over the past 15 years the one reason I'm thinking of taking a break from the format is the wave of complainers in vintage.

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Hatebears just rolls off the tongue, I guess. Lol. As opposed to ControlBear. But I refer to them as control-creatures. That not only covers Thalia but Thoughtknot seer and even Sundering titan.

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@brass-man that and maybe splashing green for Summer Bloom and it's kind? Taking a cabal out for a summer bloom is a start. Thoughts?

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@fsecco the option to view completed listing on eBay, is under filters. At least in the Android app.

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what do blue decks have to answer with mental misstep that we need 4 MM in the format, that blue decks couldn't handle with MM restricted?

What card must be kept in check with Mental Misstep that couldn't be kept in check before, besides A.Recall?

If I may, Chalice was restricted because it was viewed as keeping players from playing their cards in a format where you should be able to play your cards. Misstep is almost in the same boat, but worse, every blue deck runs it.
I'm not for restricting MM, just curious as to what your thoughts are on these points.

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Do you know if there were going to be a report or results posted? I tuned in the first game then was on and off through out the day.