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I’d be all over it! There’s also a guy who’s been running a few events in the Rockford area - might want to talk to him too so you can complement each other somehow.

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Has the next month’s instance been posted anywhere? Planning to attend but obviously I need to know when and where.

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Nice to see the Madison crew take first and second! Congrats guys.

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Hope it went well! Looking forward to attending the next one 🙂

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Unfortunately I can’t make it this time, but I just wanted to say it’s great that there’s vintage in the area again! As far as I can tell, this is the first vintage event in Wisconsin or Illinois in a very long time. I’ll definitely try to make the next one.

I’m looking forward to reading the tournament report!

(And if there’s more vintage going on in the area, I’d be happy to be corrected. As far as I know, the closest events are in Michigan and Indiana)

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@topical_island I see what you're saying, and I really like Sun Titan for a lot of the reasons you mention. But what surprises me is that a turn 1-2 Oath into Inferno is enough to seal up the game most of the time. It must be the fact that it kills in two attacks if there's nothing in the way, but does substantial crowd control if there are opposing critters on the board.

@fsecco That did help. Knowing that the Jace needs to be held in their hand in order for it to be an answer to Inferno Titan is a good piece of information.

You're both right about why Griselbrand and Emrakul probably shouldn't be the only plan, and I agree with you. Maybe I'm just spoiled by how completely these guys can warp the game with one activation or one attack (when things are going well), but Inferno is going to take some getting used to for me. The one other thing I'll say about him is that you don't have to play Tundras, which is nice.

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Can you guys help me understand the appeal of Inferno Titan in this deck? I'd seen it popping up in various online events, and now it's clearly one of the center stage Oath packages due to the Eternal Weekend performance.

What's the appeal? It feels like it has less impact than Griselbrand or Sun Titan (assuming sunny doesn't completely brick), while sharing the same other features - primarily our ability to hardcast it. I have a hard time visualizing myself slamming down an Inferno Titan and being like "Aha! You're soooo in trouble now!" Seems pretty boss against fish strategies and maybe Eldrazi, but I don't know about blue match-ups or shops.

I'll freely admit that I haven't tested it out due to my own lack of availability, but in my brain I'm just having a hard time making sense of it.

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@chubbyrain I'd have to double check my blue count, but I wonder if Engineered Explosives is better in this capacity - gets tokens when brought in from the graveyard, but infinitely more playable from the hand. It's still not much of an answer to planeswalkers, but it's actually useful in the other scenarios.

Edit: Although now that I see how the BR update shook out, I'm leaning more toward a main deck Stony Silence. (Stony instead of Null Rod because people pack MD answers to artifacts)

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@nba84 The plan of "I'll just win by casting my dude" is much stronger. Griselbrand is too hard to cast and Salvagers don't go anything without Lotus and something else. With Titan you won't combo out to win on the spot, but you've got a big body and you're likely to get significant additional value.

In general, I don't think you can play Oath without a viable plan B. Show and Tell isn't as good anymore because of the popularity of Containment Priest. So I want to go another direction, and I think Sun Titan is one of the better options. The Salvager/Griselbrand deck doesn't have a viable backup plan without playing more black tutors than most builds typically can without decimating their own mana bases. It can just Oath straight into Grafdigger's cage, but it needs removal against other forms of hate. That's not as strong of a plan because hate can appear in duplicate or triplicate and you therefore need just as much removal - a much tougher situation than just casting one good spell.

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