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> We should try to adopt a principle of charity - interpreting the statements of those we disagree with as attempts to communicate the clearest and most thoughtful version of their argument.

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How much shake up is too much

$200 worth. If I have to spend more than $200 because a new set comes out, I'll be vaguely annoyed before doing it anyway.

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@smmenen said in London Mulligan Coming to MTGO:

That's pretty insane. It also means it's really incumbent on Vintage players on MTGO to try to make the case, one way or the other. Dredgeapolooza.

Given my experience with WotC, this would be a lost cause. Play how you will but trying to make your case is tilting at windmills. Step outside and, if you're not in the Houston area, take a deep breath. Enjoy things that aren't Magic for a moment.

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A week before the only Legacy GP of the year, they're going to configure MTGO to play by a different set of rules than real magic. Fucking awesome.

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I played Grixis Phoenix a few weeks ago but unfortunately did not save the decklist.

My build was more like a modified Grixis Pyromancer deck. With 4 Cabal Therapies, some number of Thoughtseizes, and of course 4 Buried Alive, looting and other GY powering effects weren't really necessary.

Here's the one pic I took that has a lot of cards in it that should give an idea of what my decklist looked like.

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In an effort to improve local turnout, I've started posting more on FB and Twitter in the days leading up to our events. Just about every SEO person out there will tell you that a post with pics gets more clicks. To that end, my posts usually have a [usually very lazy] Magic joke attached. Here's the most recent ones. Feel free to use them for promoting your own local events.

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@chubbyrain said in Proposed New Mulligan Rule for Mythic Championship London:

If anyone is curious, the odds of finding a 4-of in a 60 card deck with 6 mulligans (as 7 mulligans serves no point) is (1-0.40)^6 = 4.7%

I think Markdown may have fucked your math display here. (1-0.40)^6 is .6^6 is 5.6 . Also, I'm pretty sure the odds of finding a four-of in six to-seven mulligans is far higher than 4.7% .

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@nedleeds said in Is Vintage a digital format now?:

MTGO doesn't simulate the paper experience of reading an opponent, bluffing and handles a massive amount of the rules for you (missed Ichorid triggers, etc.).

I once had a player message me to tell me that they thought I had something due to the amount of time it took me to respond to something. Then they played around that "bluff" for the rest of the game.

In reality, I had run to the bathroom while on the clock.

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Link to annoucement post

More results, pics, and other cool shit at

Sunday, seventeen brave warriors paid a visit to Houston's most metal brewery to do battle in Magic's best format.


Unfortunately, our TO forgot to bring blank deck sheets, so there aren't decklists to post 😞

But here's some pictures!

After a last minute audible due to grabbing the wrong deck, JoAnn crushes Arjune.

Middle school between rounds

Phoenix vs Merfolk - is this Modern?

Greatness at any cost.

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@moorebrother1 said in Is Vintage a digital format now?:

On the other hand, if there is a proxy event then players can play whatever they want. Do they pick the “best” deck or the most fun deck. I often see players who are not regulars in Vintage play either the most “busted” deck (fast, and fun) or what they think is the best deck (Shops, Xerox, PO, etc…).

IMO, this is the primary reason that the MTGO metagame is always going to be different than the sanctioned paper metagame. You can completely switch decks for less than the cost of a paper blue dual land.