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Quote from: Stormanimagus on March 16, 2016, 06:39:41 pm
>Instead of tearing things down we should calmly explain our opinions.

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The last ungraded UNL Lotus to sell on eBay sold for slightly more than I just paid for a gently used hatchback.

When I think about playing "real" Vintage again, it's usually in the same daydream where I've won the lottery. I'm texting friends who sell cards on my way to the Porsche dealership.

The issue you mentioned about people expecting to be lent a deck is interesting. I encountered that even when running 100% proxy tournaments - several players expected to be able to show up each month and be handed a deck.

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Yes, I remember budget decks.

Yes, they could be updated but the budget would be... larger.

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@aelien said in Premodern Vintage:

-Do you think it is a good idea to start with the historic B&R List?

What was the list back then?

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Damn, maybe that's why I did so poorly 😧

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@blindtherapy My dumb ass split the deck into piles based on what the pile did and then just didn't type the pile labeled "other" - fixed now!

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I played the following list of format-legal cards in yesterday's Romacing The Stones Webcam Vintage. Top 4 included two Bazaar decks but of course I didn't get paired against them. Went 0-5 (2-10) so I wouldn't recommend this 75 but there hasn't been any discussion on this in a while so why not post it?

A lot of the changes I made are based around moving things to the board for Karn, then being reminded that he's restricted, and not undoing any of those changes.

I still think Karn should be in the deck but I don't know if losing sideboard slots so that Karn can fetch combo pieces is a great idea.

I considered moving the Time Vault to the board since it's only good once you've already got the Key and the Key is pretty alright in the deck as is.

The only time I was sad to only have a single Helm was because I had a Demonic Consultation in hand and naming a one-of is a mistake I've already made with this deck once.

Voltaic Key is in there because I forgot that Manifold Key exists.

Daretti was a Cabal Therapy naming "any counterspell"

Oko mostly just bought time in a couple draw-go games. The Food token got sac'd to Tinker once.

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@botvinik said in Which companies provide the best lease administration services?:

Why does this keep happening?

The forum has open registration, bots exist, and Andy has [probably] has better things to do than checking for spam posts daily.

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Cheating in Magic is a tradition older than most Magic players. We're desensitized.

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I'm not upset that Anuraag and Julian took a while to get this done.

I'm making fun of an eleven billion dollar company that can't live stream their championship when the local webcam tournament is able to do it with a handull of half-drunk dudes at that helm.

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They posted the video coverage

...two weeks later