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Link to annoucement post

More results, pics, and other cool shit at


  1. Bryan Hockey - GW Enchantress
  2. Michael O'Mally - Jund Aggro
  3. Ben Kendrick - Pandeburst
  4. Robert Wyatt - Sexy Rector
  5. Tim Everett - Stiflestill
  6. Nick Olin - Red Deck Wins
  7. Patrick Vincent - Rebirth
  8. Brian Tweedy - Turbolands (No decklist)
  9. David London - GU Enchantress
  10. Jacob Baltz - UW Control (No decklist)
  11. Tri Nguyen - Trix
  12. Stu Ziarnik - Urza's Saga Special Delivery Preconstructed Deck
  13. Sam Craven - 4C Madness
  14. Curt Christianson - UR Stiflenought
  15. Joseph Amaya - Landstill Tokens
  16. Nathan Golia - UB Psychatog


Our prizes:

Our participation trophies:

Charity event at the

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When my opp plays T1 Trinisphere:

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@winterstar said in How much shake up is too much:

And the london mulligan is officially coming. We live in interesting times.

"Ancient Chinese curse"

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@taef said in [MH1] Shenangigans:

@thecravenone Shenanigans can be cast twice (or more) in one turn, too. Dredge can replace a card drawn for any reason.

As soon as I submitted, I realize I should've clarified: Ancient Grudge can be cast twice in one turn without further enabling while Shenanigans can't.

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@protoaddict said in [MH1] Shenangigans:

Card is strong but in Vintage I'll guess not stronger than ancient grudge.

I disagree - one's not stronger than the other, they're just different.

Ancient Grudge:

  • Costs 1AB to cast twice
  • Can be cast twice on one turn


  • May be cast more than twice per game
  • Fuels certain decks
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And as a bonus, the Houston crew will be running Middle School for "Duals" the next day!

Details [here]!

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Fellow fifth-graders-at-heart, it's time to grow up. But only to sixth grade.

Following The Romancing the Stones Vintage tournament at PJ's on Satuday June 8th, we will be hosting Houston's first Middle School tournament on Sunday!

The full rules and banned list for Middle School may be found at Eternal Central [here]. We will be making one addendum to those rules: As the format is still quite new, unlimited proxies will be allowed.

Date: June 9, 2019
Location: Brash Brewing Company 508 W Crosstimbers Rd, Houston, TX 77018 [MAP]
Registration Time: 12:00 PM
Event Begins: 12:30 PM
Entry Fee: $10 - Cash or Venmo
Proxy limit: Unlimited proxy
Proxy rules: Don't make us need to make a proxy rule!
Decklists: Required! Registration sheets will be available on site or you may email your list to
Prizes: If we have eight or more players, after playing Swiss+1, the top 4 players will draft playsets of Painlands. Additionally, if we have twelve or more players, we will raffle off an Oath of Druids Starter kit!

Click for full size.

Prize pool grades, from the vendor:

  • Adarkar Wastes 4xEX
  • Karplusan Forest 1xEX 3xVG
  • Underground River 4xVG
  • Yavimaya Coast 2xEX 2xVG
  • Oath of Druids VG
  • Spike Feeder VG
  • Morphling EX
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@xxhazardxx said in Ravenous Giant, aka Color Shifted Juzam:

However, the question I am curious about is what is the best reserved card we could hope to get color-shifted?

For reference: [All non-colorless cards that are reserved] (Because colorless cards can't be colorshifted)

@serracollector said in Ravenous Giant, aka Color Shifted Juzam:

A white or green Ancestral would be nice.

I think the only way this is possible is with an insane restriction like "Cast this card only if your deck contains no Islands"

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@john-cox said in 5C Staxx 2019:

So whats the reason for the one crop rotation? Just one seems weird. 🤔

To be quite honest, it's been in the list since I copied it from somewhere a decade ago. I've never felt a need to remove it (in fact, as I say in the cast, I have 2 slots that are kinda filler in the 2018 list). I've also never felt any need to have more.

It does allow some sweet lines. My favorite thing I've done with Crop Rotation is sac a turn 1 Workshop to get another turn 1 Workshop, casting multiple hate pieces or a Wurmcoil.

@dr-j said in 5C Staxx 2019:

@john-cox said in 5C Staxx 2019:

So whats the reason for the one crop rotation? Just one seems weird. 🤔

Yeah, since you're not running Null Rod main, Expedition Map seems like the better choice.

I love 5c Stax and would love to see it come back, but running so many Karn, TGC seems iffy with that mana base. Running a few Maps to search for Academy would definitely help.

Map is certainly an interesting idea. I'll mull it over!

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No changes.

Next B&R Announcement: July 8, 2019

Brief mention of London Mulligan:

Other competitive formats are generally looking healthy at this time, and we've determined no need for changes. We were happy with the outcome of the Modern portion of Mythic Championship II, and will continue to research and debate whether the London mulligan is the right change for all Magic formats. If we do move forward with the London mulligan, our approach will be to observe changes in each format's metagame first, rather than making predictive or precautionary changes to the banned and restricted lists.

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@moorebrother1 said in Eternal Weekend North America 2019 - Oct 31-Nov 3 - Pittsburgh, PA:

Why is this on Halloween? Seriously WTF!!!

Because the venue is cheaper that day. The answer to why any tournament's location or date sucks is because the venue is cheaper that day. See also: GP Bombed Out Costco ("Washington DC") and GP Dead Tourist Town ("Niagara Falls")

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No scheduling details yet but given the Thursday through Sunday scheduling, it's safe to assume that Vintage Champs will work as in previous years - Day 1 on Friday, Day 2 on Sunday. I'll edit this when more details become available.

Official website is

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You read that title right. You're about to read about playing 5 C Staxx in 2019.

5C Staxx has a long and distinguished history. I'm too lazy to find it but I'm pretty sure it top 8'd at least one Vintage Champs.

Here's the oldest decklist I'm able to find, from this article by @Smmenen (who I really hope chimes in with some more history of the deck!)

In 2008, my best friend opened a game store. That first Friday, I played my first sanctioned Magic event. This lead to me building my first competitive Magic deck, Bant Aggro in Shards of Alara Standard. As soon as I experienced my first rotation, I knew that rotating formats were not for me. I built my second competitive deck ever, and my first Vintage deck, 5C Staxx. We have had long and torrid love affair ever since.

Since a Vintage scene formed in Houston a few years ago, I've toyed with a more modern version of the deck. Here's my most recent build.

The last time I played this deck, I posted a picture of the deck. A friend who had very recently said that they needed to take a break from Magic asked for a deck tech because of how fun the deck looked. But I'm very lazy.

So last night, I got two friends to podcast with me. One of them plays a lot of Workshops and the other plays a lot of EDH and wacky brews. I surprised them with our subject and asked them to discuss the deck with me as well as brewing a more up to date version. The conversation went a lot of directions and I had to look up a lot of cards. Listen if you'd like more info but here's the sketch we ended up with:

I'm too lazy to write in full English sentences so here's a non-exhaustive list of cards that are in this deck and cool things they can do and/or reasons that they've been chosen.

Karn, the Great Creator

The following cards were moved to the side so that Karn can act as an addition four copies of those cards.

  • Smokestack
  • Crucible of Worlds
  • Ratchet Bomb (Could also be Engineered Explosives)

These cards were put directly into the side

  • Mycosynth Lattice - Combo, duh
  • Chalice of the Void - With the spread of mana costs in this deck, Chalice isn't great. Grabbing it with Karn makes it much less of a liability to draw.

Oh, also Null Rod main is okay.

Goblin Welder

This is a not-at-all thorough list of sweet things you can do with Welder.

  • If your Shops opponent has an X/X in the yard, it says T:Destroy target artifact an opponent controls
  • Force an opponent to sac to Smokestack, then weld it out so it doesn't affect you. If you weld in another, you can add a counter to it, effectively making Smokestack one sided.
  • Exchange Sundering Titan back and forth to blow up lands repeatedly.
  • Turn a mox into a Lotus
  • Recur Triskelion to shoot things (this is why Trike is in the deck instead of Walking Ballista)

Quick Bullet Points

  • Sundering Titan - We're trying to be hateful. Sundering Titan is hateful as can be and is also a quick wincon. This is the Tinker bot to play. I will fight you.
  • Dack Fayden - Filters cards, the downside of discarding is significantly reduced by Welder and Crucible
  • Balance - Read this card.
  • Chromatic Lantern - Makes everything easier to cast

There's a lot more to be said but I think the decklist speaks for itself. Feel free to ask questions or tell me my ideas are terrible.

I know this deck isn't going to be the best but I also know that you'll have a hell of a lot of fun.

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@KIP_NZ asked me in chat what I think of Bolas' Citadel in 2CM. Reproducing here for further discussion:

For reference, the last list I played may be found here.

Yea it does a lot but for six mana, you could cast and activate Painter+Grindstone. You could cast and activate Helm. Hell, if you've got one more mana, you can do it through Pierce.

Paying life is not inconsequential in 2CM - you're playing 5C pain lands, Ancient Tombs, and a smattering of other mana producers that deal damage to you.

So here's a question: How often do you want to Tinker for Citadel? Tinkering means:

  1. Not getting your bot.
  2. Not having any half of your two (or more) two-card combos in play.

It's certainly possible that there's a Good Bolas' Citadel build of 2CM but if there is, I think it almost certainly requires a thorough rebuild of the deck.

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@chubbyrain said in How do I beat shops when I'm on the draw without FoW?:

You lose to god draws like the one you describe

Yea, given the sample draws, this question is better framed as "how do you beat a turn one kill without force of will"

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No but that's mostly because there's no event called "Eternal Championship"

Eternal Weekend, which has recently been the host event for the Legacy and Vintage championships has not yet been announced for 2019.

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How much shake up is too much

$200 worth. If I have to spend more than $200 because a new set comes out, I'll be vaguely annoyed before doing it anyway.

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@smmenen said in London Mulligan Coming to MTGO:

That's pretty insane. It also means it's really incumbent on Vintage players on MTGO to try to make the case, one way or the other. Dredgeapolooza.

Given my experience with WotC, this would be a lost cause. Play how you will but trying to make your case is tilting at windmills. Step outside and, if you're not in the Houston area, take a deep breath. Enjoy things that aren't Magic for a moment.

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A week before the only Legacy GP of the year, they're going to configure MTGO to play by a different set of rules than real magic. Fucking awesome.