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@trius said in Old Man Rant - I Hate Pioneer:

Am I the only one that hates Pioneer? I’ve seen a ton of positive buzz about it but I’m not sure why. I tried it out a bit and looked as some of the decks… I was less than impressed.

I actually am enjoying the new space for deckbuilding. I built a fun deck that I've been honing over the past two weeks. The unrestricted access to things like treasure cruise and the absence of phyrexian mana and pitch counters and all is nice.

I do see the limitation that it is dominated by uberfast aggro (soulscar, swiftspear, etc.dec) or hard control (grixis push, verdict, teferi, counters). Looks like not much else has room to win in a 6+ round scenario.

I prefer Modern and Vintage, but I've been enjoying the wild west build space of Pioneer so far. If Modern gets displaced by Pioneer at the LGS though, I'll be pissed.

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@wakkz Spyglass is amazing utility vs lands. It works vs Maze as well in some matches. Strip/Waste is your best utility vs bad-for-you lands.

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@evouga Force of Vigor, meet Force of Will. Oath = gg.

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When Gush gets unrestricted next B&R round, this will become $50 per foil.

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In my Depths deck, I run 4x eidolon of rhetoric since the misstep restriction. When the card lands, it wins games. If I can turn 1 stick it, I usually beat PO and xerox that give my deck fits. The problem is I often only have 1 or 2 mana on turn 1, and then lose before I get a turn 2 vs something like PO. This shaves that effect's cost to 1 mana (and can't be plowed) - this is a welcome addition to my deck.

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This card is basically good in any deck that wants to build a 50-card-or-less deck (4x this, 4x wraith, 1x git probe, X cantrip). In decks that want multiple pieces or several options, I think this card is just 4 less spots for gas. Keeping a hand with this as your first or second land drop, hoping to see one in the top 5, is almost always worse than just mulling. The times you use it turn 0 and wiff on a land you wanted, it will cost you games.

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Steal Marit Lage for 1 mana = lolz

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This looks like a modern MVP. creature removal/counterspell for 2 mana? hell yeah.