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Thank you guys for all the great input!

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Hello Mana Drain! Very cool to discover this community. First post here.

I am just getting back into magic, and have decided to play vintage & legacy- I have some random (noob) questions for you guys.

Some backstory-- 34/M Los Angeles area. I used to play in the 90s, got back into it a couple of months ago. I am just 2 moxes shy of building paper Workshops
This version ( )

  • Do most of you guys play the actual power / expensive cards? Was going to double sleeve with the perfect fit and regular sleeve on top of that-- is that crazy? Should I just be using proxy even though I have the cards (I know this is a subjective topic but is double sleeve protection sufficient / there a norm or consensus on this topic?)

  • On the workshops deck I am referencing above, is there some basic primers/write-ups/videos that walk through more nuanced lines & combos? I really like the deck and the quick mana + making things more expensive for others seems obvious- however, I am wondering if there is more than meets the eye combo/strategy wise I'm missing due to lack of experience with the deck.

  • Is knightware the only spot in Los Angeles that has regular vintage matches? I see most of them are tournaments- I am still getting back into it, and vintage seems to have a lot of nuanced interactions. Can I go and play even if a bit rusty from not playing in awhile?

  • In Legacy I really enjoy the prison/mana denial/ tabernacle/ life of loam combos of Lands- would a lands/shops mash up vintage deck even make sense or be viable?

Thanks again! Excuse the newbie questions- excited to get back into the game!