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This makes Dacks Emblem able to steal planeswalkers now.

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A friend and I are brewing up some way to resolve a shared fate in a bad powerless deck. That way you get to play power, and your opponent gets junk

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I play RGu in legacy, the main reason for the blue splash is academy ruins and engineered explosives.

EE seems great in vintage too

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@fsecco having the ability to cast cards for alternate cost from the graveyard has been very relevant for me in testing. Mindbreak/Ravenous trap, gush, misdirection and force of will from the graveyard is something snapcaster can't do effectively.

On top of that I'm using Taigam to give mission briefing uncounterable and rebound.

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I believe countermagic in general is safe and fair, however some of the anti-counter stuff starts to become borderline uninteractive, cards like cavern of souls and abrupt decay.

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Have you considered chrome mox? Imprint squeeze early for acceleration, cast him late when comboing. Alot of the goblins need multiple red so I can see it being a nice supplement to a ruby.

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Very eager to see the jeskai landstill deck 🙂

Congrats to all the top 8!

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Bolas is fine and dandy, but pyroblast can blow him up.

Turn 1 Apex predator though!

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@necrogeist doesn't need a blue shell since it's red and pyroblast hits outcome!

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2007/2008 was my favorite era. SCV and 5c stax were my jam. Also goblin welder was much more enjoyable in a world without mm.

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I'm not sure prison is poor due to lack of card availability right now, more so that combo decks (PO) is too fast for prison to establish a lock.

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I only play 1-2 sanctioned events a year, the rest of the time is spent at my friend's house and lgs testing wacky ideas and putting them through gauntlet of "top tier" decks.

When I do play the large events, I'm there with a small group of friends and the goal is always "do better than the rest of the group."

We like to talk alot of trash to each other so doing best gives you the most trash talk points...

It's a simple goal.

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@fsecco said in [GRN] Mission Briefing:

@khahan I'm just saying that if you want to actually stress test the card, you should play more than one. Otherwise your results are anedoctal at best 🙂

Exactly my thoughts, been running a brew with 3 briefing (was 4) and 1 snapcaster. It's been so good in testing I'm going to run it at champs.

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Got a group of 4 coming from the space coast in Florida all playing both events (3 powered, 1 budet).

Plans to hit up the casino and walk around a lot. Only group goal for the event is do better than everyone else in the group. (Trash talk is real big)

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After eternal weekend this year I have to liquidate some cards and will likely move my pearl/jet/emerald. Keeping the rest so I can start brewing with you're template. Been having alot of fun jamming variants of this in testing.

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Wonder is psychatog is strong enough.

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@iamactuallylvl1 good read! I saw you at the event but got distracted when I was about to come thank you for your YouTube channel.

Congratulations on the 11th place finish.