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@wappla In which way is Grafdigger's Cage close to unplayable?

@mediumsteve If I were to change the color black to white in this deck, how would you design a sideboard then? For the other part of the deck, I would exchange my 3 cabals for 3 swords. Don't know what to do with the tutor though, maybe change it for a merchants scroll?

@msg67183 I don't have much experience playing against dredge, what are your favorite hatecards against the deck? Keep in mind that I might replace black with white, so you have that available aswell in that case.

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Thanks for all the answers. I was thinking of going for the nature's claim, but since the deck kinda want to end things quite fast, I feel that the life gain from it doesn't feel great.

From your suggestions I will keep my snapcasters, I'm pretty into the element of surprise anyway. And regarding the plague and illness, I'm quite embarassed 😛 I was just thinking about the mentor hate, not even considering my own tokens, lol. Sulfur elemental is a good choice I guess, nice to get down another body to bait out swords so I can have my pyromancers in peace.

What do you guys think in general about the deck in the current meta-game? I have not come across many shops or white eldrazi decks so I still have a hard time figuring out how well positioned it is atm.

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Hey guys! So I have been running a UBRg Pyromancer list for the last couple of days and have had a blast playing it. It is seen below as:

So, I'm not sure what works out best, to either keep my 2 snapcasters, or switch them out to 2 JVP instead. What do you guys think, in which match-ups are they the stronger or the weaker choice? Lastly, I would like to know what you think of the sideboard in general, should I keep the illness in the ranks? Or switch it out for a Virulent Plague instead? And, in the few cases when I have played against Moat-decks, I have been completely shout out, if I am not able to kill them through my 2 bolts and to use guttersnipe's ability. Is there any decent enchantment-removal in these colors? Note that there is an extremly mild splash of green for the flashback-cost of Ancient Grudge, with this splash in mind, do you guys think Sultai Charm could work? Or is it just a waste of sideboard-slots?

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Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks for the info!

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Hello guys, I hope it's okay that I borrow this thread as it seems like almost a good fit for my question. So I am thinking about playing Paradoxical Storm, and I noticed that a couple of the deck-lists have an Ancient Tomb in the SB. So my question is, why and against which decks is this land used?

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Hello everyone!
I am new to Vintage, I've had a few years experience before my 3 year break from magic. I only played Standard/Modern and some Legacy at that time. I am from Sweden and would love to play you guys, I have two BUG decks, a UW Mentor and soon something like Paradoxical Storm (Not sure if I want to buy more Mox Opals atm.). Feel free to add me on MTGO, screen name Toffs. I would love to play against some MUD/Shops and Oath, cause that is the decks I'm currently struggling most against atm, however, with that said I'll love to play any deck.