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Hogaak and Ghast are going to do better against opponents with creatures since you can trade freely and block. I think Ichorid is fine just by itself and doesn’t really need Bridge. I guess you could go combo off Bridge with Hogaak though that seems like it would give you strong closing speed.

I’d definitely cut the blue as the count problem is restrictive, after 4 Vigor and 4 Unmask, you are left with 6 other slots to work with if I added correctly.

In the mana base, I’d think about trimming the weaker 4-ofs to fit at least 1 Portal and maybe a Dryad arbor to cast Loam.

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I assume the strategy is to max land destruction strategy.

Bloodghast is probably your best card with the extremely high land count and Loams. It’ll recur every turn.

Riftstones should find a way into the main deck. So that you can play Loam in game 1.

I’d probably cut the Blue entirely. Your count is only at 14 and you don’t seem to want Narc. Not have you chosen to play Amalgam. For disruption you can add Unmasks, Force of Vigor that fit the game plan of destroying your opponent’s mana base. You have the black count and can get the green count easily (already have Once upon a time and Loam). Particular smashing two Moxen with Vigor or taking 1 with Unmask can be crippling when followed up with multiple Strip effects.

Bridge is underwhelming. I understand it combos with Ichorid, but that’s it. There should be a better option to give the deck more recursive power. I’m just not sure what that card is. You do have access to mana.

Sideboard, I would strongly consider Null Rods. With your land destruction it’s a legitimate lockout plan. They also turn off Tormod’s, Ballista and other pesky artifacts.

In terms of matchups, the Mirror Match is probably going to be bad. Any other deck that can deploy threats fast may also be bad. I would look at some way to get bigger threats on the table from the GY. Dread Return may need to space in here (with Griselbrand or something else independently good?) to close out games.

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I’m gonna buy a lot of happy meals, if so.

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Good. MTG has reached Monopoly status.

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They trained quite a bit to use the daggers, and obtained them during the quest.

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0 to play and 0 to equip is the only acceptable cost for the one Ring. From a lore perspective a random hobbit can use it so that is where the cost needs to be.

What other buffs does it need?

It needs to be templated to combo with Hobbits, which should all have an ability to negate negative status effects.

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My only request is that the One Ring is so powerful and format breaking it starts on the restricted list.

Legendary Artifact - Equipment

Equipped creature gains unblockable and shroud.

At the end of each turn, if creature is not a zombie, put a +1/-1 counter on creature.

If creature dies while equipped and it is not a zombie then return as zombie and equip.

Whenever equipped creature deals damage to an opponent gain control of an artifact they control.

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Anything is better than the trash they’ve been printing.

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The 1 spell a turn guy is even worse. If I played this again, I’d definitely try to get more removal in. Maybe a board sweeper (firespout?)