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A large concern for me when playing DPS is cabal therapy getting out of hand and wrecking your hand, so my main considerations are popping it before they get a creature (narco or ichorid trigger on the stack) or before they move to their main phase and can cast a sorcery.

You can also try to hit dredgers if you want to be more aggressive in slowing them down.

I like crypt since it helps storm and is easy to cast, but with FoV around now, crypt is easier for dredge to time. You might want to hold moxen until you go off if you have a crypt target in play so they don't hit 2 artifacts.

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I'm not sold on this helping storm decks ramp into mana any better than other options. Even if your opponent has 5 artifacts (and you're not dead to PO or locked against stax/shops), that's only +3 overall mana gained, which is the same as a threshold cabal ritual.

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@smmenen said in Looking for people to play on Cockatrice:

What was the name of the platform we used to play on before that? Where we’d find games on IRC? I can’t remember...

Apprentice was the software used back in the 2000-2004 era.

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Massacre used to see some play to attack multiple Thalias and W-Hate bears, but with Lavinia, its not as useful. Other sweepers that have been used are Bontu's Last Reckoning and Balance (if you splash white).

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I'm new to the CT scene myself but seems like the closet regular Vintage games are at Norwalk, CT (Battleground Gaming), NJ (The Bearded Dragon) and Long Island (Comic Book Depot). Otherwise there seem to be some games in Massachusetts. I'm not as versed with upstate or Eastern CT but would be happy to hear if there are tournaments there.