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I'm just so stoked I made top 32 with a deck I'd been really practicing hardcore with, even if it was just for a month or so. I've never stuck with a single deck for multiple tournaments, but it seems to have paid off. I really hope I can make it next year.

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Hey, I'm Mark. Vintage_Rage on MTGO. I'm usually playing in tournament practice and I have most decks ready to go. I'm still learning MTGO, but I've been playing paper Vintage for about 7 years. I'm just now starting to really focus on practicing and getting better. If I'm online I'm definitely down for a game.

I'll probably start playing Leagues and Challenges soon, and I'm heading to PA for Eternal weekend as well. After that I'm going back to school 6 days/week and will have very little time for Magic. Feel free to say hi if you see me online or off.

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With Thorn restricted, it seems like Energy Flux is in the range of being a castable card again. Playing shops against that card feels like a sideways-up-a-cliff uphill battle; aside from keeping them from casting it, is there a preferred way of dealing with it? Spine of Ish Sah is expensive but does the trick and synergizes with Ravager. Other options are Boompile (random), Ratchet Bomb, Nevinyrral's Disk, Eye of Doom, (these can be too slow, also weak to null rod effects), Culling Scales maybe? Hurts with moxen out, but we won't have the moxen for long anyway... Anyone have thoughts about this, maybe I'm overthinking hate for a specific sideboard card?

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My first two reactions:

I can't believe they didn't even mention Mental Misstep. That card was banned in every other format for the degenerative arms race it created, and the pressure it puts on Vintage one-drops is bad for the format IMO.

The next B&R announcement is scheduled for October 17th. Did they even look at their own calendar before announcing this date? Are they trying to keep people from attending Eternal Weekend for Vintage? The thought of potentially having to switch up my deck at literally the last minute (the B&R announcement goes into effect after the Vintage Trial but before Vintage Champs) sounds really really awful when I'm spending $1000+ (plane and hotel) to attend this event.

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@brass-man How have you been liking By Force in the board? I feel like it's a bit too costly with spheres out, and I didn't see many copies in the top 8 at NYSE (just two total IIRC).