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@chubbyrain Personally I agree with your assertion.

This post is quality tho. Excellent information.

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I haven't had a lot of time to play since RNA dropped, but I did run into Lavinia with pitch dredge, so that was interesting. Not being able to really play Shops right now on Modo with the Foundry Inspector bug is kinda bummer, so I'm probably gonna fire up Fatestitcher Dredge for a while and see how I feel about it.

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Funny enough that my article this week is about this very concept. 🙂

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@Aelien just got finished playing a league where she came into play from Jeskai Xerox. I was on pitch dredge. Beat the snot out me.

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Someone let me know if someone does well with a Lavinia list like 5-0's or something. I'd like to feature it in next week's article.

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@john-cox I tend to pick the VMA art for certain things currently to show how inexpensive those cards are on modo. In most cases I try to pick newer printings that might appear cheaper or have updated oracle text for the general audience.

Perception is everything after all, and part of the goal of these articles is to help the random visitor who reads to maybe potentially consider getting into the format on modo.

So yes, this is great feedback and I really appreciate it, but there is a general method to my madness here.

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@kaluma this is great feedback for sure. it's something that's on the short list of things to look at. if i ever do decide to do this, i will be reaching out to some people to assist with it for sure. thanks for the feedback 🙂

@craw_advantage hah yeah i saw that list off of chubby's twitter, and it looked super cool. i'll keep this in mind for the spice corner.

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@rat3de Solid feedback. Thanks 🙂

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Thank you for producing great content yourself! 🙂

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Yeah, sometimes Jeff can be a bit much. I agree on that notion. I didn't watch the whole thing, was just trying to find different content viewpoints. 🙂