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Uhhh, Donate wouldn't do much there. You'd just be giving them a creature. You can call a judge if you like, they'll just stare at you.

Companion is something you declare at the beginning of a game, sort of like Commander. Once the card is cast and in play, it's treated like any other creature.

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@revengeanceful great response. that's the idea is to generate some discussion.

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@john-cox Note that I did not say to Keep the third hand. 🙂

The second hand is complex and kind of on the cusp I agree. If you were to be Dazed it could be awkward for sure. Again, it really depends on what you're playing against for sure.

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I'd certainly be interested to hear your thoughts as to why. 🙂

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@grizzly I mean, I am always trying to show off those decks that are interesting as I come across them and whatever happens that week. The Challenge results do however, tend to be focused on what is doing well since the goal there is to help people understand where the metagame is at.

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I also realize I forgot to post last week's article. I was out on bereavement, so it just slipped my mind.

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Are you sure you meant Homecoming and not Far From Home? Homecoming came out in 2017. 🙂