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Thanks for the feedback! I really greatly appreciate it. I'm certainly not perfect!

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Flash + 4 g probe+ 4 street w.+ new mullingan= gg turn 1 ......80% covered (force w...misdirection..pact...veil)

It's funny because so many people respond to this idea with some deck they can't conceive of being beatable: Flash, Trini MUD, BDEV Delver, Tinker Combo, Channel Mirror etc. People have already been playing these decks, none of them is unbeatable.

This is a fun format where all the spells matter. It's exciting and engaging and there are plenty of decks to invent or reinvent. Don't knock it till you've tried it.

Yeah I mean, what Nat says here is true. People have been actually playing games with these decks either via Cockatrice or MTGO. This is being figured out, and it sounds like everything is pretty on par which is really cool.

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I considered that possibility, but I also wrote off that possibility because the timeframe of the announcement made that seem rather unlikely. It was a reactionary measure and it did not feel realistic to expect them to make an unrestriction.

In fact, I kind of think that we may never see another unrestriction based on how they are now approaching announcing BnR updates. Ad hoc announcements of announcements does not bode well for unbanning/unrestricting of cards at all.

Furthermore, I don't have any particular bias for any one deck (unless you count decks that include the card Risen Reef and then well let me tell you all about that), let alone PO. It really wouldn't bother me if they actually restricted it, but a lot of the data I look at really suggests that it doesn't need to be.

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In legacy they have 4x LED which is the source of the issue there, but it is a similar one.

Yeah, I just want to point out that this is actually incorrect. The best Lurrus deck in Legacy is not an LED shell. It's Delver. Yes, Lurrus is also played in Storm decks, but those decks are not the dominant force in the format since Lurrus came about. It was very immediately the Delver shells because of cards like Bauble and just the fact that everything in Delver synergizes well with the card. It turned the deck into a CA machine that can grind long games very well.

That being said, my take on this BnR and how reactionary it feels is that it will indeed be a ban of Lurrus. This is a situation I've considered for some time now (have written about several times too) and I would most assuredly prefer them to ban this one card if it would mean a measure of health returning to the format. Yes, it's a slippery slope, but it's likely the simplest and most correct way of handling this card that has really no other simple options of dealing with it.

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"I'd rather play a horrible format of coin flipping with every card than an enjoyable format with even a single card banned for power-level reasons."

God, this sums exactly my thoughts on the strong opposition to banning. People are so hung up on this that they would rather adhere to this ethos than try to address the issue in the simplest way and preserve the health of the format. If it came down to if the format needed to be corrected via a ban to keep it healthy (something that has been on my mind a long time before this set) I'd absolutely want them to put the health of the format first.

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@serracollector The mantra I read in a judge article that helped my thinking on this was to figure out if something is Non-Human, first ask yourself "Is this a Human?" If the answer is Yes, then it can't be Non-Human.

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Does not add to LED fyi, LED does not tap, it just sacrifices.

Also worth noting that it also does not add to Urza mana.