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@john-cox Yeah seems like it got mis-categorized. I always recommend using the feedback buttons for this sort of thing.

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@thewhitedragon69 I mean, sure whatever. lol.

I'm just saying, complaining about something that people did, likely for free and on their own time to give something back to the community and also something that likely had to be held up because of a tournament investigation issue is silly.

It's likely that if there were no issues with the tournament, then the info would have been up the same day as the Legacy event highlights were, but there was an added layer of being unsure what Wizards was going to do with the Ecobaronen situation.

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It took time for Anuraag and Julian to compile everything and all the post production commentary. This isn't fast work, and also there was the issue with the investigation into what happened with the Mishra's Workshop event with ecobaronen that also likely slowed things down a bit as well.

My point is, be grateful they were able to provide a well put together followup, it takes time to do these kinds of things.