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There is also the risk of filling your deck with too much air. There’s a reason Xerox decks don’t play the restricted spells, 4 Preordain, and 4 Sleight of Hand (or whatever else). Yes, they could give themselves more chances to find the absolute best cards (Mentor+Time Walk) but they’ll lack the ability to win the games where that doesn’t work or where they’re under too much pressure early and can’t find it in time.

If too many of your cards don’t do anything but cycle, you run the risk of... not doing anything but cycling.

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@brass-man said in Budget/unpowered decks in 2019:

Bazaarless Survival - This has to be a thing. I'd have to spend some time to figure out exactly what the implications are (there could be many). Cutting Bazaar makes Hollow One worse but it makes your mana more consistent and frees up a lot of space. Maybe this deck is G/U or G/R for looting effects and some additional one-drops. You know you want to play G/R Bazaarless Faithless Survival. Admit it.

Certainly one could cut down to 1-2 Hollow One for such a build. I’d definitely play at least 1 Hogaak though. Probably interested in 4 ESG and maybe even stay as close to mono-green as possible?