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There is a format called OldFrame that is essentially this idea.

Personally, I'm not too keen on their restricted list, but each is welcomed to adjust as their playgroup desires.

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More of a Legacy use case, but hoping the red is a damage can't be prevented Pyroclasm.

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@aelien Our Vintage events have fired, but still haven't been many people, let alone people actively exploring their options in a single Misstep world. I've tested the waters with Crop Rotation in Survival, and SkullclampShops.

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Zombie Infestation is pretty baller with Necro.

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  1. "Never sell your cards." -BetaFiend

  2. If you don't want to play a format, don't.

  3. Don't shit on someone's idea of fun just because it doesn't align with your own.

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Have a few HyperExtended decks that improve in the switchover, given that most tutors are restricted there.

Gonna get Weird with it.

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Exploring a 4 Necro world excites me. I like that Black Vise is there to balance it somewhat.

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Hermit Druid dumping 4 Creeping Chill and 4 Bloodghast would do the trick.

Still not good, but not sure if that is aim at this point.

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@nedleeds said in Bazaar of Baghdad beyond Dredge:

The OP list could really benefit from Riftstone Portal given you want to cast G spells. I nearly died to the Hollow Vine Bazaar deck at Eternal Weekend. His list is somewhere in that giant PDF at Eternal Central with all the lists.

He played DRS, Duress effects, Orcish Lumberjacks and a suite of basic lands.

All hail the Wayne "The Rock" Johnson.
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Recent 5-0 (which doesn't mean much), but this version looks quite good against AggroShops, Eldrazi, and Dredge.

AggroShops/Eldrazi has a hard time beating Ensnaring Bridge + Null Rod. Quad Peeking Needle (+2 actual needle in the board is great against Bazaar.

Could see shaving a Metamorph and the Wurmcoil for 2 more Bridges main if the expected meta is heavy on dudesweats. I would also want a Tabernacle or 2 in the board for the token strategies.

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