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@spook said in Experimental Combo:

@rat3de I think the strength of PO in this deck is when Frenzy isn't present. But you could build a DD half of the deck that works without EF.

Wouldn't you just pick up the frenzy as well so there is no down side?

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@hierarchnoble said in [M19] Desecrated Tomb:

Bat Stax Fever

What, no myr retriever + junk diver + KCI? I'm so disappointed.

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I like this. It feels like it would slot into a shell similar to drain tendrils, where you can get incremental advantage as you control the game. Definitely an improvement over aetherflux reservoir, but not a snowbally as sphinx-bone wand (which can't see play because of casting cost).

There seems to a bunch of stuff in this set that at least has potential, but isn't immediately broken.

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@brass-man said in [DOM] Muldrotha, the Gravetide:

@aaron-patten Could you be more explicit about what the Muldrotha, the Gravetide combo actually is ? Auriok Salvagers and Sun Titan combos both involve the graveyard, but they use very different sets of support cards, which has a huge impact on the sort of decks they can be used in (there's no Sun Titan-Man deck)

The loop would be; have a muldrotha in play and play a clone effect (dance of many, phantasmal image), the original dies to legend rule and you now have a new one that doesn't remember what has been played this turn. Cast lotus from the yard and then cast either another clone effect or an animate dead style enchantment to get another muldrotha and continue the loop.

At this point you can play all permanents out of your graveyard, notably good with walkers in the instance that you can get multiple of the same kind in graveyard (dack, daretti and both 3 cmc lilliana's come to mind)

I believe the card is worth considering, but I would think it goes more towards a worldgorger dragon/bomberman style deck than something like dredge. How good can a bomberman deck be with animate deads and clones? There is only so much space in a deck, so it definitely won't be easy to make properly.

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Its probably because she has Willem Defoe's mouth. I always felt like if her smile showed a little bit of gums it wouldn't look anywhere near as strange.

That said, I am very happy that she is a little creepy...

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As has often been the case in the past I question Jeremy Beaver's deck choice.

Also Joe has proven you can't fuck shops, too many burrs and metal splinters.

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@smmenen I'd rather see channel first over fastbond, given fastbond's much wider range for abuse. Still, I too would like to experiment with it off the list. Kudos for proposing something most would be shocked at.

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Is this the return of Sex.dec?! Is this just master bait?!

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I was looking through some of my old vintage files and came across this, seemed too good to not repost:

The Epic Tale of Vintage
~ Screen Play by @Harlequin


The Mob: Holy Crap I hate Card-X, Heres a Huge list of reasons why!
Top-8: Relax it's not that bad
The Mob: you just wait and see, they will restrict card-x and we will all laugh at you. You just wait until the 1st... Ahhh hahahaha

The DCI: ..... no changes
The Mob: /cry
Top-8: /tiny-violin

~ Repeat ActI like 2-5 times


The Hopefuls: This time... this time they will change!
The Mob: The DCI doesn't care, won't care, and never has cared. Besides were comfortable the way the format is now. This truely is the golden age of vintage in perfect harmony of balance of and luck

The DCI: SURPRIZE!! /slap

The Hopefuls: Hahaha Great, now I can play my pet-deck again! I support these changes.
The Mob: OMG-STFU-KTHXBBQ. Its the end of the world, Don't you see!? Here's a list of 1000 reasons why the DCI is stupid....
The Mob: ... In summary the format is much more about luck now than skill. So We Quit, I'm taking my cards and going home to play world of warcraft.
The people who actually did quit from the last R/B Update: Oh damn! This looks new and interesting, I'm going to start playing again!
Crazy Eyes: Following this logic let's just ban every card other than Swamp and Relentless Rats!

The Mob: Wait! I have an idea, lets make our own B/R list that ignore these changes.
TMD: That will NEVER work. Not in a million years.
The Mob: who cares, some of us - lets break off and agrue about -that- for a while, and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it will never work in a million years.
TMD: You have fun with that. And don't worry about making a mess we've got our bold-red ink and lock buttons ready.
The Mob: The rest of us, lets start a petition ~
"Dear DCI,
Colectively, we Hate you. We hope that you get attacked by bees, and anyone who comes to sees you and trys to help is also attacked by bees. You are stupid and smell bad. Here is a list of 1000 reasons why we think you are stupid.
~The Mob
PS - you won't get another dime outa me until you make a change... not that I every buy anything from you anyway"

The Mob: There that'll show them... wait nm we quit anyway no one cares anymore anyway.
Top-8: Later! Hrmmm.. now I have to come up with a deck to play. I can't play X, Y or Z... so I guess I just go back to card-W. Good ol' W...
~next week~
The Mob: Damnit! WOW sucks I want to play magic again!
Top-8: Cool with me, lets see if you can beat D0u3le_Yuu.Dec
The Mob: F*ck Card-W, that's way overrated. Besides we have all this new design space now!
~they play~
Top-8: Beat you again! That makes the score X-0-2. I'm in Top-8 again!
The Mob: Yeah well, its only because W is so stupidly O.P. and broken, and easy to win with, and requires no skill. It should be banned. You just wait and see, the next B/R list comes out on the 1st and I can't immagine they won't ban W. You just wait and see!!


~ Repeat from the begining until the rapture...

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You can probably make a pretty good update to Oshawa Stompy thanks to vengevine, hooting mandrils and hollow one. A deck with wastes, basics, null rods and big creatures seems fun.