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Is there a link to the rules regarding adventure? I'm assuming it isn't an entire crop of creatures like misthollow griffon and eternal scourge and there is some kind of rider on the adventure ability that only allows it to be cast from exile when exiled with the mechanic.

If that is the case then I still prefer ingot chewer, which can also serve to remove bridge from below. But with thorn restricted there may be instances where you can use the differences between the two. I doubt a burning wish deck cares about the body, but maybe...

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@vaughnbros said in Fastbond Brainstorming:

Issue is that outside of Waste and Ouphe it really doesn’t have much interaction. Storm decks probably crush it.

Outside of adding 4-6 sphere effects I'm not sure that is solvable, and even then they are planning to win through that against shops. GW gives Teeg, but how likely is it that they can storm out without bounce/kill?

You could try BG with discard, and maybe a backup hogaak plan.

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Starting point for me is turbodepths, this is my quick rough draft:

I'm 99% sure that depths combo makes it into any lands based desk these days. The question becomes what colors and what interaction you want to have.

Crucible/excavator don't really seem needed in the current environment, though courser might have space when you get up over 30 lands. As far as zuran orb/nomad stadium/kabira crossroads for inf life, I just don't see it as needed over glacial chasm these days. The combo now is a 20/20 flyer or this, almost certainly not both. Plus the depths combo dodges grave hate, unlike cycling barbarian ring or cephalid colosseum over and over.

Bazaar and loam is an excellent draw/card selection engine, I think that takes up slots long before the horizon canopy lands.

Field of the dead is interesting but slow. I don't think it would ever warrant a main deck slot, but if you are running a wish board it is a decent alt win con.

Bojuka bog should probably be in any deck with crop rotation. Haven't figured out a card to cut yet.

Horn of Greed exists as an alternative to Tatyova, it isn't one side but 3 is far easier than 3UG.

Looking at legacy, the GW TurboDepths decks have spicy tech like Tomik and Teeg as protection and disruption. Not sure they are vintage viable though.

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@desolutionist said in BUG Control:


Randomly good against planeswalkers. But what do you mean flash? Isn’t GSZ a sorcery?

I'm assuming he means fetch lands.

It has a few good uses. Flash attacker for planeswalkers, surprise blocker to throw off combat math, and it can be a good way to get rid of bridge from below out of dredge.

For its utility I would strongly consider running it, but it doesn't necessarily make the cut.

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Doesn't this go into the dredge decks that turn into marit lage combo? It isn't so much about getting bazaar, since the land comes in tapped, but the other combo lands which cpt anyway.

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@thewhitedragon69 I assume you're talking about the blazing infect deck, which is fun.
This card might make an infect deck with similar explosiveness but much higher consistency. Plus I got rid of most of the edh creatures the deck was force to run to support blazing shoal.

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This is significantly better than become immense on offence for infect. I'm sure it makes into legacy lists. It might be enough to make a vintage deck out of infect, greatly increasing the turn 2 kill rate. Either way I will get my playset.

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@thecravenone This is what I plan to test out next week. (Blatantly stealing your excellent formatting)

A few minor changes from your list;


  • -1 stp, -1 karn, -1 dack, -1 crop rot / +2 dreadbore, +2 expidition map

  • I am going to try out dreadbore since you need an answer for an opposing karn/dack as well as creatures.

  • The singleton dack doesn't seem like the best choice, since if you are tutoring you just go for karn/power. I also don't think the deck has enough draw power/card selection to utilize him as a singleton.

  • The crop rotation is a leftover from back in 2005, before there were an extra 4 free counters for it. Changing to map just seems like a much better call.

  • 4 karn plus 2 tutors seems like a bit much, plus one less means slightly less stress on the mana base. Plus in this list there is no dack to discard extras.


  • -1 Jester's Cap, -3 Grafdigger's Cage, -1 Ratchet Bomb, +1 Wurmcoil Engine, +2 Abrade, +1 Ensnaring Bridge, +1 Witchbane Orb

  • Cap is not the awesome sauce it once was, fight me.

  • Cages are the most suspect cut, but bridge is an excellent answer to both oath and dredge, especially since it will be followed up with more lock pieces that eventually lead to lattice lock.

  • Ratchet bomb does little for you as a singleton, it is not something you will karn for as there are just better options. Plus it is stax, let the smokestack and wires do the work. If anything add a blast zone to the main.

  • Added an extra wurmcoil so you can side one in v shops and still karn for the other.

  • More abrade means more creature kill and the ability to put more artifacts in the yard to abuse welder.

  • Not having bridge in a karn deck is strange, it is an overpowered lock piece against everything except the 1/1 army from pyromancer. It buys a huge amount of time to set up smokestack/crucible, which is also a win con with b ring. This should be an auto include, possibly even over lattice.

  • Witchbane Orb is robbed from the brass city vault decks recently, it is an excellent hedge against hurk, and protects from tendrils, oath of druids, jace activations etc.

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@spook said in Experimental Combo:

@rat3de I think the strength of PO in this deck is when Frenzy isn't present. But you could build a DD half of the deck that works without EF.

Wouldn't you just pick up the frenzy as well so there is no down side?

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@hierarchnoble said in [M19] Desecrated Tomb:

Bat Stax Fever

What, no myr retriever + junk diver + KCI? I'm so disappointed.