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I'm super amped for tomorrow!

I mean ... SUPER

We're going to Scratch beforehand for pre-tournament warm up and Boss Chick N Beer for post-tournament feastiality. Feel free to join!

Scratch Restaurant
6595 Brecksville Rd, Independence, OH 44131
(216) 312-2190

Boss Chick N Beer
120 Front St, Berea, OH 44017
(440) 532-7660

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I'm looking forward to battling this weekend. Can't wait to be back to the familiar game shop basement and gamer smell...

that smell though

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Is Thought Scour better in the 4 Underworld Breach decks than Preordain? I've found that early Underworld Breach seems anemic without enough fuel (both mana and cards in the graveyard).

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I'm conflicted about the benefit of the blue pitch counters over Thalia/Collector Ouphe. I played some games against Andy with Paradoxical Outcome and found it pretty unlikely to beat Thalia/Collector Ouphe on turn 1. I liked how proactive the deck was and it forced me to try to mulligan into hands that had Force of Will along with early action.

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I'm looking forward to this! I'm pretty sure I've gone X-2 in the Swiss the last three times I was there. Looking forward to evening things out with a 0-X record.

Yeah, I'm thinking I'm back