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@desolutionist said in [DOM] Dominaria Rules Change:

So does Earthquake still kill Planeswalkers or not?

Earthquake doesn't target so no.

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@protoaddct said in Mono-Red, Hated Stepchild?:

How good is 4 ability Chandra in the list and how often does she become a dead draw when you hit your second copy since you have no filtering in the list.

Opponents are eager to get rid of Chandra after she hits the battlefield so I've rarely had a problem with her as a dead draw. Plus the point that John Cox mentioned.

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@meesterroboto said in Mono-Red, Hated Stepchild?:

personally feel like the deck is missing another 3 drop that is as much as a threat as Rabblemaster.

I would agree, red needs another powerful card. I would like to test Dire Fleet Daredevil against blue decks, because card draw would be nice for red.

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  • Do most of you guys play the actual power / expensive cards? Was going to double sleeve with the perfect fit and regular sleeve on top of that-- is that crazy? Should I just be using proxy even though I have the cards (I know this is a subjective topic but is double sleeve protection sufficient / there a norm or consensus on this topic?)

Everyone I knows double sleeves. Some have switched to using the Perfect Hard inner sleeve. Most people who are fortunate enough to own Power also like to play with them (after all, that's what they were meant for).

  • On the workshops deck I am referencing above, is there some basic primers/write-ups/videos that walk through more nuanced lines & combos? I really like the deck and the quick mana + making things more expensive for others seems obvious- however, I am wondering if there is more than meets the eye combo/strategy wise I'm missing due to lack of experience with the deck.

There is a lot of strategy and tactics to Ravager Shops. There's nothing like play experience. Google should find you lots of articles.

  • Is knightware the only spot in Los Angeles that has regular vintage matches? I see most of them are tournaments- I am still getting back into it, and vintage seems to have a lot of nuanced interactions. Can I go and play even if a bit rusty from not playing in awhile?

Yes. I think Berkeley is the next closest. Just come and play. It's a great friendly environment. People will help you with advice if you ask. There are new players, returning players, and regular players. You can pick up some games if you arrive early too.

  • In Legacy I really enjoy the prison/mana denial/ tabernacle/ life of loam combos of Lands- would a lands/shops mash up vintage deck even make sense or be viable?

Thanks again! Excuse the newbie questions- excited to get back into the game!


Welcome back!

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Congratulations to the Top 4 and to Lori for organizing the tournament. It's been a fun year of Vintage, and looking forward to next year. After all, who doesn't want to feel tendrils of agony, get run over by goblins, cheap robots, howlpack wolves and zombies dredged from below in Vintage?

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It might be better to make an annual Paypal donation.

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Thanks for your report, if you could provide the top decklist or two next time that would be appreciated.

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Are you the guys with the big belt?

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Do they periodically re-release Black Lotus and Moxen to keep the prices from reaching the stratosphere?

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@didor I would save up for a Sapphire.