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Training for Ironman. Playing Vintage on modo between training sessions. Currently organizing European Vintage League season 1.

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This CU is touched upon on few threads here already and why not give it own thread? Everyone is obviously going to watch the most part of this series anyways.

2017 started with Iron Fist and what a disappointment it was 😞 Acting was poor and the script wasn't spectacular either. If it wasn't part of the MCU i wouldn't have watched it till the end. I still had high hopes for The Defenders but after seeing 4 episodes (minor spoiler alert) it seems like Iron Fist is the focal point in The Defenders and it's a shame. Well im gonna continue till the bitter end!

What film and what series you consider the best in the MCU btw? For series I like Daredevil for films im not sure...

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My current library for kids is:
Crash Bandicoot - the new release, which is too hard for the kids to play through but they still enjoy it.
Ratchet & Clank - Also came with the console but we haven't opened it because of the guns and shooting. It can wait 1-2 years.
Minecraft - Kids love it and I can play it with them with another controller. The smaller kids need a lot of help.
FIFA18 is preordered.

For me I have:
Fallout 4
Madden 18
South Park preordered

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@ said in PS4:

I have to mention these as well: I happened to really enjoy Final Fantasy 12, and that was remade this year. - very good game, with a high learning curve but definitely a game children can play IMO.

Would FFXII be something that I should consider if I wanted to hop in back to the FF series with PS4 or should I get FFXV or just wait for the FFVIIR? I got in to the Dissidia closed beta, that is not a FF game tho it has FF characters in it...

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@wiley said in Vintage 101: Let's Get Weird!:

I enjoyed the article, and I always like seeing updates to blasts from the past, especially when it turns into a history lesson for people 🙂

A good resource for ancient decks is the encyclopedia I put together years ago:

It took a lot of time to make and maintain and I kind of dropped it after a while, but there is an awful lot of information there.

Concerning the list in the article, it seems like reanimate would serve better than animate dead since you aren't trying to go infinite with dragon, and your most likely early target will be a welder. I would also turn at least 1 of the inkwell or myr into a wurcoil.

Another thing to note is that CA predates revoker, so It might be in your best interest play some answers to it in the main if you want to use your welders vs shops. (Granite Shards ftw)

Wow! This post should be imported and updated to this new TMD what a great resource!

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Yeah we have Rocket League on OSX already. Kids love it 🙂

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Hi folks! Just bought PS4 mainly for my kids (ages: 9/6/4) and I am interested on any tips on games I should consider. Never before owned any PS or other console. I have however played some back in the 90's and I remember FFVII and FFVIII being one of the best games ive ever played. So if you have any suggestions for games to check out, please tell. Looking for myself and the kids. thanks

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Great episode! Do you have links to the T8 decklists?

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The old game. Is it available somewhere? My old computer hard drive failed and I lost the game 😞

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Thumbs up! I haven't had time to play or record videos lately. But i will be back with a vengeance!!!

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I have just stopped using mtggoldfish after they havent done anything to this in year.